Your First Visit
You will be asked to complete a patient history form, which will include pertinent information concerning your health.

In order to make an efficient analysis of your dental needs, a clinical examination and a complete series of radiographic images will be needed. The clinical exam will include examination of your head and neck, facial and oral tissue, teeth and periodontal condition.

In most cases, your teeth will be cleaned during the first appointment by one of our dental hygienists. All the information drawn will determine your current dental health and the needs that you may have.

Treatment options and recommendations will be discussed.

Continuing Care
Regular preventative oral care is a wise investment. We believe that early care is easier and less costly than treatment that is delayed. This is why we custom design regular preventative maintenance visits. These are determined by your particular dental health and needs.

Your smile speaks before you say a word. There is an increased interest in cosmetic dentistry today, to create a natural and healthy appearance, allowing you to smile with confidence. To restore broken and decayed teeth we use tooth colored restoration, either composite resin or porcelain crowns or veneers. We can change the shape, size and color of teeth.

Missing Teeth
Whenever possible, we replace lost teeth with dental implants. These are placed by a specialist and then restored in our office. In some instances we utilize bridges or partial dentures.

Root Canals
When teeth abscess, causing pain and swelling, a root canal needs to be performed. We are available to eliminate the pain, and either complete the procedure, or refer to a specialist endodontist.

Conscious Sedation
We offer nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, to relax patients at no additional charge.

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